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Fire Safety Tips

If you experience a fire in your home, get out and stay out!
Call 911 immediately. DO NOT GO BACK IN!


Educational Programs

Each October, local fire departments and Hood County Fire Marshal's Office puts on an education program for Fire Prevention week. This program is brought to local schools to raise awareness and educate students.

Protecting Homes in Rural Areas

The following tips can help you keep your rural home safe from fires:

  • Burn in approved containers with spark-arresting screens.
  • Consider non-combustible fencing around your house.
  • Have a fire evacuation plan.
  • Install a sprinkler system in your yard; turn it on if fires approach.
  • Keep road rights of way mowed.
  • Know what important items you need to take with you (medications, insurance and banking information, photos, etc.).
  • Maintain at least 100-foot landscape clearings around your home, barns, and buildings.
  • Mow / scalp a 100-foot area around controlled burn areas.
  • Mow / scalp / plow a 40-foot path around your property to provide fire breaks for fire departments.
  • Quickly report any fire you see to 911.
  • Remove dead leaves, vegetation, tall grass, and other debris from around your home.
  • Stack firewood at least 50 feet from your home.
  • Store flammable liquids in approved safety containers in a safe location 50 feet from your home.
  • Use non-flammable skirting and siding around your house or mobile home.
  • Wet your roof and surrounding vegetation if a fire approaches.

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