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October 6, 2018

Indian Harbor Volunteer Fire Department kicked off fire prevention week today at Home Depot parking lot this morning.  Indian Harbor VFD and other Hood County fire departments, EMS and medevac helicopters participate in this event which is the start to a week of fire prevention.  All week, fire departments around the county will be visiting schools to present fire prevention tips to the children.  Please take a moment to visit the "Safety & Prevention" page above for fire prevention tips and activities for the kids.

October 4, 2018

The volunteer firefighters were busy Thursday evening preparing the annual fundraiser mailing. Watch your mail and please give to support your volunteer fire department. Your life may depend on it.

September 9, 2018

As of September 9, the Hood County Fire Marshal office has lifted the burn ban.  If you are planning on burning then please visit the Hood County Fire Marshal office website.  On the Controlled Burn tab you will find important information and a link to fill out a Burn Notification form.  Lastly, please make sure you are conducting the burn safely.  Thank you.  

From Indian Harbor Smoke Signal - September 2018

Marti Hawker Hands Over Management of The Medical Locker to Bob Jolicoeur

Long-time Indian Harbor resident Marti Hawker is going to be turning management of the Medical Locker over to Bob Jolicoeur.  Through the years Marti has gathered together medical equipment including wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs, canes, crutches and toilet chairs that are available to loan to Indian Harbor residents on a short-term basis of three months.  The new number to call if you have medical equipment to loan, or need to borrow, will be 210-376-7571.

Marti expressed her thanks to everyone who made donations to the Medical Locker.

"I appreciate all the donations over the years.  I couldn't have done it without those donations.  A lot more donations were made than I was able to accept due to the small area available in which to store them.  However, I did appreciate your thinking of your neighbors first.

Thank you for letting me help."

                     - Marti Hawker

From Indian Harbor Smoke Signal - September 2018

Indian Harbor Volunteer Fire Department
By Lt. Nicholas Mains

It has been a very busy summer, not only for us, but all the departments here in Hood County.  There were three very large fires this summer.  The Granbury Airport fire, Comanche Harbor/Rock Harbor fire and the Tolar fire.  All these fires took all nine Hood County departments as well as several from outside our county.  Indian Harbor had multiple trucks on each of these fires.

The fire at the airport was the first this year and thankfully only one home was lost.  In the comanche Harbor/Rock Harbor, no homes were lost.  The fire in Tolar was the first time that many of our members, including myself, worked with the Texas Forest Service in using aircraft for water drops to help get the fire under control.  And again, no homes were lost.  Both the Comanche Harbor/Rock Harbor and Tolar fires happened within 17 hours.

As a reminder, please be extremely careful when burning brush and watch it with water close by.  It only takes a matter of minutes and even seconds to get out of control and expand to a large grass fire and move fast.  If you have any questions on doing controlled burns, please feel free to contact the Hood County Fire Marshal's office or our department.  Someone will be happy to answer any questions and even come out and look at your burn and give pointers.  We will monitor a control burn, for a fee, for you if that would make you feel better about burning.

This year we have had two members complete Granbury Fire Academy.  We would like to say congratulations to firefighters Cody Cox and Riley Stottle.  WE have also had two members, firefighters Keith Dunaway and Sean McNicholas, complete a Boater Operations class with BRA for operating the fire boat during emergency situations.  This year has also been a great year in getting new members as we have grown to 25 members, but we can always use more.

On one final note.  The Indian Harbor Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank all the citizens of Indian Harbor fpr your donations and overwhelming support that we received this year, especially during the Comanche Harbor/Rock Harbor fire.  During that fire our ice machine at the station was depleted quickly.  A Facebook message was put out by our treasurer, Pam Maltby, for ice and water donations to help keep all the firefighters cool and hydrated.  You all went above and beyond in answering that call.  IT just melted our hearts all the donations of water, ice, Gatorade and even coolers that you brought to our station.  It makes us very proud to serve this community and surrounding areas.  So, we would like to once again say a big thank you to everyone, and a big thank you to Pam Maltby and Marti Hawker who were at the station during that fire filling coolers with ice and water and getting them ready to go out to the firefighters in the field.

Indian Harbor Volunteer Fire Department is always looking for volunteers to join our family and our great team.  Not training is needed to join.  We offer a variety of training from basic firefighting to EMS.  Ages 18 and up are welcome.  Not 18? You can join our junior program for ages 16 to 18.  Not able to make calls, don't worry, there is always something that can be done around the station to help us out.  Our meetings are every Thursday from 7 pm to about 9 pm depending on our training that night.  (1414 E Apache Trail)  Please feel free to come by to meet the current members and fill out an application and also ask any questions you may have.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Don't forget to check out and like us on Facebook and visit our webpage at: IndianHarborvfd.net
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